Youth + Beauty Tea (WA PDP use only)

  • Contains 30 Tea Bags
  • Use the ancient plant wisdom that has been coveted for thousands of years to achieve eternal youth and beauty
  • Blend of 14 whole-leaf botanicals for ultimate radiance
  • Light, floral flavor from wild cherry + peony root, anchored in earthy, herbal notes

  • A blend of 14 powerful botanicals and herbs that promote cell strength, immunity and overall balance
  • Schisandra, Wild cherry, Peony root, Saw palmetto, Gynostemma, Orange blossom, Gotu kola, Eleuthero, Reishi + chaga mushroom, Bilberry, Catuaba bark, Hibiscus, Astragalus

  • Steep 1 tea bag in boiling water for 3–5 minutes
  • Enjoy daily upon waking or after dinner
  • Best enjoyed within 12 months of delivery


Herbs like astragalus and eleuthero are adaptogens that work on the neuro-hormonal system of the body

Medicinal mushrooms chaga and reishi are composed of polysaccharides and beta glucans—critical components to taming inflammation and safeguarding immunity

Beautifiers like peony root, schisandra and orange blossom brighten the complexion and protect skin cells