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The Sakara Circle is a curated community of brand ambassadors on a mission to transform lives by leading a global wellness movement. Together, we help promote the Sakara Life mission and offerings to our communities, supporting those around us in living their healthiest, most vibrant lives. We are holistic health coaches, medical professionals, fitness experts, spiritual practitioners, wellness entrepreneurs and more who all share a passion for living the Sakara Life.

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Member Perks

  • Share an exclusive discount towards Sakara meal programs and products to help others live the Sakara Life.
  • Receive an ongoing personal discount and the chance to earn monthly product bonuses on top of your commissions.
  • Be the first to know about new product launches, programs, and invites to private Sakara events.
  • Access to custom creative assets, personalized support, and a new member 3-day Signature Meal Program offer to get you started.
  • Align yourself with a brand rooted in cutting-edge nutrition-science and healing wisdom.
  • Make connections and grow your network with other thought leaders in the wellness industry.
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How It Works

Join Our Mission

Connect with a community of inspiring Sakaralites on a journey to transform lives by becoming a Circle member.

Spread the Word

We will provide you with a unique code and link to share with your community. It will give them a 20% discount off their first Sakara purchase.

Earn a Commission

For each new client referral, you’ll receive a commission (total earnings for which are unlimited), which is paid out monthly.

The Sakara Life

The Sakara Life is about nourishing your body, mind, and spirit. Everything you take in, from the food you eat to the content you absorb, ultimately informs who you are. Through our organic meal delivery programs, functional snacks and supplements, and educational content complete with recipes and wellness tips, there is a way for everyone to live the Sakara Life.

Together, our mission is to transform lives—to give you the tools that empower you to be in the driver’s seat of your own health, so you can turn your thoughts into things and dreams into reality.

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