Ep.11 with Danielle and Whitney

It’s so important that no matter what you decide to do, whether you decide to start a business, work for a business, or stay home with your children, that you're clear on what your mission is and that you feel moved to act on that mission.


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Episode Description

In our second solo episode, the veil is lifted, revealing the challenges and rewards of creating Sakara Life. As founders and co-CEOs, we're getting honest about the lessons we’ve learned from leaning into fear, being bold, and building a business as best friends. We share the tools that helped us face challenges with gratitude, passion and purpose. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur, aspiring Broadway star, or a busy mom on-the-go, we want to support you in finding your own unique path, of fulfilling your mission, and ultimately shining your light as bright as you can.

Ep.10 with Hani Avital

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Ep.12 Becoming Your Own Healer

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