Ep.18 Tapping into Nature to Unlock our True Radiance

Freedom really comes from our relationship to our thoughts. I think why we do anything, why anybody does anything is to feel better. If we can find that feeling first, if you can find the joy to be in the jeans before the weight loss has happened, then the weight loss will probably be very simple.


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The beautiful Nadine Artemis, creator of Living Libations, a luxury line of organic wild-crafted serums, elixirs, and essential oils, joins us to discuss the life forces of Nature in reviving the body, skin, and soul to tap into our natural radiance. Her curiosity of healthy living at a young age led her to research not only the dangers of processed foods, but also processed skincare. Like Sakara, she believes that what we put in, on and around our bodies really matters. Best of all, she shares her skin secrets, from products to routine, and how to harness the power of plants (and sun) for all your skincare troubles!

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