Ep.19 Living The Sakara Life

It starts with food. Because food is not just calories. It's not just fuel. Food is information. Food is informing our bodies of how to function, of which genes to turn on and turn off. Of what brain chemicals to produce, how you're going to think, how you're going to feel, how you're going to show up in the world.


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Episode Description

Another special solo (duo) episode where we dive into what it truly means to LIVE THE SAKARA LIFE. We’re sharing our secrets on everything we’ve learned during our wellness journeys from the basic necessities you need for radiant health and vitality to the toxic items that sneak into your pantry or fridge, and the clean products we can’t live without. Our goal is to fuel you with the knowledge needed so you feel empowered to sit in the driver’s seat of your health and make smart choices about the things you put in, on and around you. We believe you deserve to feel amazing -- so are you ready to harness the power to turn your thoughts into things and your dreams into reality? Let your transformation begin today.

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