Ep.21 Autoimmune Disorders and Cellular Nutrition

“See what happens when you get rid of cigarettes, eat more vegetables, exercise, go outside, get your vitamin D, try to sleep seven to nine hours a night, have that five or more servings of vegetables a day, have a meaningful relationship with a friend. It's those health behaviors that make this big shift in chronologic age, and that's based on epidemiologic evidence from thousands of studies. It is our health behaviors that drive aging, it is eating vegetables, it is sleeping at night, it is exercising every day, it's getting outside, it is having a happier relationship with a spouse.”


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In this episode, we sit down with Dr. Terry Wahls to discuss the power of food as medicine and her personal journey of healing from multiple sclerosis through diet and lifestyle changes. Her own dramatic transformation from being wheelchair-bound to thriving inspired her to dedicate her life to helping people understand the role food plays in chronic and auto-immune diseases, such as MS. Dr. Wahls has over 30 years in private practice, is a professor of Medicine at the University of Iowa, the author of The Wahls Protocol, and the catalyst behind ground-breaking clinical trials that study the effects of nutrition and lifestyle changes on chronic diseases.

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