Ep.22 The Power of Real Food

For us who grew up decades ago, comfort food sort of means junk food. We have to change that.


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Episode Description

In this special two-guest episode, we chat with NY Times Bestselling author and chef Mark Bittman as he recounts his journey from restaurant critic and foodie to food policy advocate. We discuss the importance of knowing where your food comes from, along with the harmful impacts processed food plays in our overall health, and the hope for an increase in transparent, sustainable food practices in the future. Whether you’re a novice chef or avid cooker, Bittman reminds us that cooking is approachable and above all, a way to get creative and have fun. We also sit down with Sakara’s Culinary Director, Tyler Ranson, who gives us a sneak peek into the magic behind the delicious and nutritious meals that are created in the Sakara kitchen.

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