Ep.23 TThe Connection Between Your Brain and Your Plate

Meditation, mindfulness, appropriate sleep, hygiene, hydration, movement, and exercise. All of these things and so many more are just multiple ways that people can start at any point in their life to feel mentally more fortified and improve their mental wellbeing.


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In this episode, we sit down with Harvard-trained psychiatrist and chef, Dr. Uma Naidoo, to discuss the direct connection between the foods we eat and how we feel both mentally and physically. Her nutrition-first approach when it comes to psychology and treating her patients advocates for us all to re-evaluate our lifestyle and nutrition choices and understand the impacts they have on our body. Her new book, This is Your Brain on Food, breaks down how food not only impacts our mental health, but can be used as a tool to combat a variety of health issues such as: depression, anxiety, OCD and more. Dr. Uma’s work advocates for us all to realize the importance of eating and living intuitively to ensure we’re providing our bodies with the correct inputs to look and feel our best.Throughout this episode, we discuss some actionable steps we can all take to evaluate our wellbeing and how to achieve a sense of balance when it comes to our lifestyle and nutrition choices.

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