Ep.24 Pregnancy and Motherhood

You need to build up your nutrient stores and build up your energy levels. That if your body doesn't have the nutrients and the energy to support another living being, then it won't. It's going to support you first. This is one of the only times during pregnancy that your body picks you first. But I have to say that I have a new reverence for my body, a new love, a new appreciation. And I think I feel sexier in my body now than I ever have before. I think motherhood helped me feel, really, not just sexy in my body.


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In this episode, Danielle and Whitney get personal in discussing all things pregnancy and motherhood. They discuss their experience in transitioning from maiden to mother and all the emotions that come with this profound life change. Danielle and Whitney share their moving and honest experiences of pregnancy, loss, feeling empowered in their bodies, while also discussing the role nutrition played in preparing them for their conceiving, pregnancy, and postpartum journeys.

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