Ep.25 Navigating Motherhood and our Sense of Self

And what a shame when that postpartum period, the thought that we'd be thinking about less nourishment at a time when we're the most depleted that should just be the time that we are thinking about how much energy can I give myself to sustain myself and maybe my child during this time if I'm breastfeeding. That is the time that we want to focus on abundance and instead we're so focused on this shrinking piece.


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In this episode, we sit down with psychotherapist, Suzannah Neufeld, to discuss the various issues the majority of women struggle with when it comes to the relationship to our bodies, societal and parenting pressures, and more. Much of her work focuses on helping women find their footing during the early days of motherhood and beyond. Throughout this episode, we discuss the prevalence of eating disorders in women, specifically mothers, and the intersection between the two. Suzannah also speaks candidly about the harms of preformative parenting and how we all need to treat ourselves with grace and give ourselves permission to take time for ourselves. She reminds us that pregnancy is a time of great transformation (from our hormones, to our body, to our relationships) and how important it is to realize each of our journeys can look different. She also shares some practical tips with Danielle & Whitney for how they can continue to maintain their mental and spiritual health as they embark on their motherhood journeys.

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