Ep. 26 Fair Play in Parenting

Our time is diamonds. I think no system is going to work until we set that boundary for ourselves that we deserve as much time choice over how we use our day, as our partners do. That really was a big eye opening moment for me to sit Seth down and say, "You know what, my time is diamonds too and I get choice over how I get to use my time.


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In this episode, we sit down with Harvard-trained lawyer, Eve Rodsky, who left her corporate job to become a mother. During this transition, she struggled handling familial responsibilities and was carrying an invisible workload that left her feeling overwhelmed and underappreciated.Eve advocates for the importance of being vocal and making these unseen responsibilities visible, in order to achieve balance in the home and with our partners. She shares her refreshingly candid and honest experiences with juggling parenting, feeling the pressure to do it all, and maintaining her sense of self amidst it all. She has dedicated her life to helping families put organizational home structures in place and understand the value of communication as a practice. She is the author of Fair Play, that speaks to the invisible workload many women have in their households and how through communication and compromise, they can reclaim their value. Eve provides actionable tips on how to achieve some form of work-life balance and discusses the importance of self-care and giving ourselves permission to put our needs first.

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