Ep.28 The Healing Powers of Community

At the end of the day, it's only me. And cultivating that relationship to myself was going to be the most important thing that I ever did. And everything I do centers around that.


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Episode Description

NUSHU Founder Vanessa Cornell is on a mission to repopularize the age-old tradition of women’s circles. By coming together in a group committed to safety and non-judgement, we can create space for powerful co-healing. In participating in these groups, it allows us all to experience the healing power of human connection and examine our own sense of self in the world. Throughout this episode, we discuss the importance of holding space for others and ourselves and what it means to rely on community. Vanessa explains why listening actively to others is important and how we can all experience transformation and personal growth through listening and sharing. She also breaks down why creating boundaries with ourselves and others is important and how healing through sharing our personal truths can be the most freeing act of self-love. Though we aren't able to gather in groups at this time, as Vanessa explains, human connection is more critical than ever. It’s so important that we remain committed to being there and showing grace to our loved ones and ourselves.

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