Ep.32 Empowered Birth

Be gentle with yourself. Do not judge yourself. Do not expect yourself to have all the answers. There's no one way, there's no right and wrong. We have got to continually as new moms be forgiving to ourselves, gentle on ourselves, stay soft with ourselves.


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As a new mother, we could not be more excited to talk all things pregnancy with Dr. Aviva Romm, Yale-trained MD, midwife, Sakara Council member, and someone Danielle and I use as a trusted resource for questions on motherhood both for Sakara and personally. She was the one who I picked up the phone and called when I had a miscarriage, when I was struggling with fertility, and then finally when I was 41 weeks pregnant and trying to get labor going. She has imparted so much wisdom with us throughout our fertility and pregnancy journeys and today we get to share that knowledge with all of you! Aviva has been working with women for over 35 years but last year during COVID her focus shifted, creating the #Ideservebirthsupport movement, in which she offers a free pregnancy support course already helping over 9,000 women! On today’s podcast we discuss how important it is to understand the array of options during pregnancy and birth and just how crucial it is to have a support circle. For any woman on their motherhood journey, this candid and beautiful episode will provide you with some helpful tools for how to nourish your body throughout all stages and ensure optimal health for you and baby. Aviva imparts actionable tips that will allow you to feel empowered throughout your journey into pregnancy and beyond.

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