Ep.34 Claiming Your Sexual Power

Sexual energy is a life force, it is aliveness. Eroticism is this vitality and aliveness that we have.


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We welcome world-famous sexologist and author, Jaiya Ma, for a juicy, honest conversation around sexual wellness. Jaiya has made it her life mission to raise consciousness about pleasure and sexuality on this earth and give people the tools to uncover their sexual power. She candidly shares her own sexual awakening and how she came to reclaim her view of sex and herself despite ingrained narratives in society. Want to unlock your most vibrant sex life? Jaiya takes you through her Erotic Blueprint quiz to help you reveal your true sexual desires.This thought-provoking episode, prompts us all to re-evaluate our belief systems that are holding us back from pleasure and examine the layers of what each of us has been conditioned and taught about our sexuality by society.

If you’re interested in learning more about your own sexual desires, head to the link below to take Jaiya’s Erotic Blueprint Quiz. This quiz is designed to help us all feel empowered in our sexuality and have the tools to tap into our power and potential.


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