Ep.35 Unlocking Our Sexual Pleasure

Self-pleasuring as a practice for continuing to keep your body open and connected to the part of you that is that life force energy is so powerful.


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In this episode, we sit down with sex educator and Foria’s Chief Brand Officer, Kiana Reeves, for an initmate conversation around the meaning of libido-- and of good sex. Kiana shares some of her top, juicy tips for ultimate self-pleasure and breaks down how we can all become more comfortable in our bodies, emotionally and physically, during sex. We discuss how pleasure, intimacy, and connection are all interconnected and how we can use it as part of an ever-expanding experience of one-ness (whether partnered or solo). This episode will encourage you to evaluate your own sex life and the things that could be holding you back from finding your highest form of pelasure.

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