Ep.36 Ancient Medicine & Spirituality

The most important part of you beating any medical condition is your mind. Food is medicine, but mindset is also medicine.


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In this informative episode, we sit down with Dr. Josh Axe, bestselling author and functional medicine doctor, to discuss the role ancient remedies play in achieving total body healing. We discuss the importance of superfoods and herbs, and how incorporating them into our diets can heal various imbalances, particularly with the skin and the gut. Our conversation takes an unexpected turn from nutrition and physical health, to discussing how our relationship to God/Spirit and how the energy we radiate can deeply impact our wellbeing. This episode will not only encourage you to eat the rainbow and incorporate more superfoods into your diet, but encourage you to re-examine your connection to a higher power. And, as Dr. Axe mentions, one of the most transformational things we can do for our healing is to radiate love and positivity into the world.

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