Ep.37 The Pressure To Be Perfect

I think the more expansive our life gets, it really is about the task of being willing to feel emotions, that's really what it's about.


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Have you ever found yourself saying, ‘if I do this, then I will be that?’ Dr. Sasha Heinz calls this the ‘perfection project’ that many of us experience on the never ending journey to chasing ‘happiness.’ Women especially tend to put a lid on our desires and appetite for life which disconnects us from our true wanting. In this episode, we dig deep with Dr. Heinz to reveal the root cause of this habit, how to break the cycle, and figure out what our souls are yearning for to live a more fulfilled life without judgement. As a developmental psychologist with a Masters in applied Positive Psychology, Dr. Heinz is a true expert on this topic with an extremely approachable authenticity, and telling her personal story was so powerful it brought us to tears. Join us in this candid conversation around a taboo topic that will uplift and inspire you.

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