Ep.38 Bravely Forging Your Own Path

Confidence has to do with who I surround myself with, because if I'm around people who make me feel small and don't help me feel expansive, then my confidence won't be there. And who I surround myself with is a huge part of how I show love to myself through taking care of myself.


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In this episode, we sit down with bestselling author, poet, and activist Cleo Wade to discuss the inspiration behind her new children’s book, What The Road Said. We discuss how it reminds us all to embrace the journey of life and trust ourselves along the way. We explore the notion of self-care and self-love, and how they deeply impacts the way we show up in the world each day. This conversation will inspire you to examine your own notions of self-love, embolden you to use your voice, and bravely forge your own path in life. When you invest in your relationship with yourself it deepens your connection to others and reveals your purpose here on Earth.

If you’re interested in attending the Empowered Motherhood virtual event we mentioned in the mid-roll, please sign up: https://empoweredmotherhood.splashthat.com.

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