Ep.39 The Clean Beauty Frontier

What you put on your body matters a lot. And so trying to help people make that connection. And helping people connect the dots between what they put in their body and what they put on their body is an important step in terms of the progress for health.


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Episode Description

In this episode, we sit down with Beautycounter’s CEO and founder, Gregg Renfrew to discuss her incredible work as a pioneer of the clean beauty movement and her advocacy work on Capitol Hill. We chat about the need for transparency in the beauty (and food) industry and how so many of the products used on a daily basis contain harmful, endocrine-disrupting ingredients. Gregg shares her “never” list as well as which products are “okay” to use even if they’re not the cleanest. We also talk about the incredible mission behind Beautycounter and her advocacy work, along with some useful tips for women who are aspiring entrepreneurs. This episode will inspire you to not only re-evaluate the products you're using in your daily life, but encourage you to find your purpose in life whether it’s in starting your own company or finding your personal mission and purpose in this world.

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