Ep.41 Uncovering Our Soul's Purpose

There are also these higher values that every soul is trying to achieve, and with the top one being love. We're really all here to learn the importance of love and how to open our heart chakras to others.


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In one of our most fascinating episodes yet, I sit down with past life psychic, spiritual teacher, and bestselling author, Ainslie Macleod. Ainslie knew he had a rare gift when he was able to predict the next song on the radio or article in next week’s newspaper. He uses his talents to help people discover their life’s purpose-- something he says we all inherently know, he just simply provides a little extra guidance and validation. The process he facilitates is tapping into past lives and connecting with spirit guides. I was shocked when Ainslie revealed Danielle and I’s dramatic past lives and how it has informed our current life, personality, and purpose. Approach this episode with an open mind and you too can find out the secret to finding your soul’s purpose here on earth.

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