Ep.42 Fertility & Our Bodies Innate Wisdom

Fertility is an extension of health. A woman's ability to conceive comes from her having an abundance of chi, which is like the life force energy gathered from how you live your life. It's your epigenetic manifestation.


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Episode Description

In this episode, we sit down with bestselling author and fertility expert, Aimee Raupp, to discuss all things fertility and how we can all achieve optimal health, whether we’re actively looking to conceive or simply want to feel our best. We discuss how important it is for us to foster a healthy environment for our bodies, from the foods we eat, the thoughts we think, and the people we surround ourselves with. Aimee also explains how important it is for each of us to listen to our bodies and honor it’s innate wisdom, trusting that our spirit, timing, and nature will bring forth the miracle of conception. This emotional episode serves as a reminder that it’s so important to sit in the driver’s seat of our health and remember how strongly our emotions impact our total body health.

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