Ep.44 The Power of Purpose-Driven Business

Everyone who is listening has power. You make hundreds of choices every single day about what businesses you'll support. And for me, conscious consumerism, making wise choices with your dollar, supporting companies that you believe in, and holding back on those that you don't believe in I think is a really powerful force.


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Episode Description

In this episode, we sit down with Sakara’s Board Chair, John Replogle, to discuss what it means to be a mission-driven company and how businesses can be powerful change-agents. We share Sakara’s mission and values, and discuss the pivotal role they play in everything we do as a company. John also explains why it’s important for each of us to live a mission-driven life and how we can individually have an impact on the planet. This inspiring conversation will encourage you to not only become a more conscious consumer, but also to find your personal mission and purpose for being here on earth. We wrap up the episode discussing what makes a good leader and why having a growth mindset is critical to our personal and professional success.

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