Ep.47 Sustainability and the Future of Farming

If we want to continue to be able to produce food and exist as a species, we have to recognize that we are actors and frankly, we are like parts of this ecosystem, and can't just make it subject to our desires, or subject to our market timetable.


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In this episode, we sit down with Sakara farm partner and co-founder of Radicle Farms, Jim Livengood, to discuss the important connection between farming and the food on our plate. Jim walks us through various farming practices and explains the direct impact each has on our environment and future. He also dives into the true meaning of eating organic and why it’s important for consumers to consider how our food is sourced. In sharing his inspiring farming ethos through his work at Radicle Farms, this conversation will encourage you to further evaluate where your food comes from and understand the lasting impact the choices you make as a consumer has on our planet.

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