Ep.48 Ask Us Anything

Who you surround yourselves with, the information that you take in, the information you take in listening to it or consuming it, ingesting it into your body, informs how you live, how you breathe, how you show up in the world. We have our pillars of nutrition and focusing on getting enough greens, focusing on getting enough variety into your diet, focusing on body intelligence. All of these things build up to body intelligence so that you get to listen to that inner voice instead of us or anyone else telling you what to eat or how to eat how to eat label.


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In our first episode of The Sakara Life Podcast Season 3 (!), we reunite in our hometown of Sedona, Arizona to answer all of your burning questions. We receive countless DMs everyday and in celebration of the community we’ve built, we wanted to dedicate this episode to getting back to the Sakara Life basics. Throughout the episode we discuss the founding principles of our Nutrition Program, dive into why all fiber isn’t created equal, and much more! We hope you enjoy this episode and stay tuned for our best season yet!

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