Ep.51 Girlhood: Growing Up Female

As a dominatrix, I very quickly discovered that even if you're playing a powerful role, if it's based off an actual script that a man brought in and is paying you to perform, it's not exactly the same thing as having power in society


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In this episode, we sit down with former dominatrix and critically acclaimed author Melissa Febos to discuss her book Girlhood - which is both a memoir and an inquiry on growing up female in today’s society. We discuss the seemingly overnight shift that occurs when girls hit puberty and what’s expected of them in terms of their sexuality, power dynamics with men, and beauty standards. This conversation felt therapeutic, as it encouraged us to reflect on how societal norms have shaped our own experience in terms of how we view our bodies, our worth, and relationships with others. This emotional conversation will encourage you to recognize your worth beyond your gender and step into your individual power.

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