Ep.52 The Future of Maternal Care

Interestingly, both birth and death, which are life's only two certainties, used to happen at home, and it's relatively recent, in both cases, that we've moved them into institutions. In some ways we've made things better, and in some ways we really haven't. The parallels keep going. A living will and a birth plan are kind of the same thing.


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Episode Description

In this episode, we’re joined by the Chief Medical Officer of Maven Clinics, Dr. Neel Shah, to discuss his work in the birth equity space. We examine the importance of feeling empowered during birth and how every birthing person deserves the right to feel safe and supported during their journey regardless of their socioeconomic circumstances. Dr. Shah’s work has been dedicated to giving people the tools to grow their family with dignity and throughout this episode, he explains the role that gender inequality, geographic inequity, racism, and generational inequity plays in this experience. This conversation provides an honest look at our maternal healthcare system in the last 20 years and discusses what needs to be done on an institutional level to change this system and its outcomes for the better.

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