Ep.53 The Body is Not an Apology

I do this work because the way it is that we relate to our own bodies impacts my ability to live in my body in the world. People who think that young bodies are more valuable than old bodies, people that think that bodies without acne are more valuable than bodies with acne. All of those ways that we value and place bodies and identities into a hierarchy, impede my ability as a fat black queer, neuro-divergent, cis-gendered woman in the world, to live the fullness of my existence.


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In this incredibly powerful episode, we are joined by Sonya Renee Taylor, author, founder, and Radical Executive Officer of The Body Is Not an Apology - a movement that focuses on self love and body empowerment. We discuss how we can live more fulfilled and empowered lives by challenging engrained societal narratives around beauty and worthiness. In doing so, Sonya reminds us that we can unlock our full power and create a more equitable, compassionate planet. This episode serves as an incredible reminder of the power of self love and how each of us must actively practice it - radically - every single day in order to experience true happiness and freedom.

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