Ep.54 Motherhood on Your Own Terms

I'm tired of it being treated as a niche topic. I want us to talk about motherhood like this is the most fundamental stuff of our society.


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Becoming mothers ourselves has transformed our lives in the best ways possible. That being said, it’s a complex and exhausting journey that we never feel prepared enough for - filled with constant surprises and lessons. In this episode, we’re joined by the incredible Angela Garbes, author of Like a Mother, to discuss what it means to be a mother in today’s world, the need for more maternal resources, and how profound the shift from maiden to mother is. Angela shares her refreshingly candid attitude about motherhood and the societal expectations that come with it, along with her quest to remain true to her inner being once she became a mother.This beautifully honest conversation serves as a reminder to show ourselves more grace throughout this journey and trusting our innate wisdom always.

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