Ep.57 Uncovering Our Essence Through Sacred Sexuality

In sacred sexuality, we find ourselves in ourselves through our sexual expression, through our personalities, through our relationship to sexuality, to our self-worth, how we are seen. Sacred sexuality is choosing to understand others, to see others without judgment, to engage in compassion, to explore one's own body and another body as well. The body, meaning mind, heart, spirit, all that encompasses self.


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Episode Description

In this episode, we sit down with Stef Sifandos, a trained educator and relationship expert, to discuss the importance of inner work and how this can lead us all to live a more fulfilled life. Stef also walks us through the concept of sacred sexuality and how living authentically plays a crucial role in the success and health of our romantic relationships. This juicy conversation will not only encourage you to re-evaluate your relationship with yourself, but encourage you to re-ignite your sex life and connection to others in the world through this concept of sacred sexuality.

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