Ep.58 Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

The process of change then is an ongoing process because at the end of your day, you should always ask yourself, "How did I do today? When did I fall from grace? When did I emotionally react? When did I judge again? When did I start getting envious? When was I insecure? When did I believe in that thought, if I have another opportunity tomorrow, in another lifetime, that thought will never slip by my awareness ever again, that's evolution. And we keep doing this over and over again, you become the very person you want to become.


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In this episode, we sit down with New York Times bestselling author, Dr. Joe Dispenza to discuss the power we all possess to change our life through reframing our thoughts. His work is deeply rooted in science - combining epigenetics, neuroscience, and quantum physics - to explain how changing our thoughts can change us on a cellular level, thus creating a new reality and sense of self. We also discuss the power that we gain through becoming conscious of our unconscious programs and how this can create lasting and profound change. This insightful conversation with Dr. Dispenza will encourage you to lean into discomfort and reprogram your thoughts in order to transform your life for the better.

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