Ep.60 The Impacts of Glyphosate

There's a huge list of diseases that are going up dramatically with the rise in glyphosate usage. And we've been assured that glyphosate is perfectly safe, but it's pervasive in our environment, and the government doesn't bother to test how much is in the food. This is a huge crisis.


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In this episode, we sit down with Senior Research Scientist at MIT, Stephanie Seneff, to discuss her latest book, Toxic Legacy, and unpack how glyphosate impacts our environment and bodies. Stephanie explains how the use of glyphosate touches almost every aspect of our life - from our food systems to the rise in disease. She makes a compelling case as to why we should all prioritize making conscious choices when it comes to our consumption and nutritional habits. Throughout this episode, you’ll learn the real reason eating organic matters and how eating your sulfur-rich veggies can be the key to transforming your health!

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