Ep.61 Uncovering Our True Potential Through Psychological Astrology

There's always this sense you're missing the mark, you could be richer, you could be thinner - and all of that just is a big conspiracy to have women think they're not enough. If you really understood that, not only are you enough, you're more than you could ever dream of, then everything's possible. There's no limit to what you can contribute and also receive.


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In this episode, we sit down with bestselling author and psychological astrologer, Dr. Jennifer Freed, to discuss the intersection between psychology and astrology, and how we can use both to live a fully expressed life. She also explains how we can each use our personal birth charts to become more in tune with who we are and use this as a tool to help us reach our full potential. Dr. Freed does a deep dive into Danielle’s birth chart and explains how each of the pieces work together to form “lesson plans” for us to continue evolving and growing. Ultimately, this episode will encourage you to consider the intersection of psychology and astrology and become more in tune with your place in the universe.

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