Ep. 62 Eating To Beat Disease

Health is far from being the absence of disease. It's the result of our body's health defense systems. The foods that we eat can either take down or damage our health defenses, or they can actually unleash our health defenses and build them back up.


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Did you know that every time we sit down to eat a meal, our nutritional choices have the power to make a lasting impact on our health and our body’s ability to fight off disease? If not, this episode is for you! We are joined by the brilliant Dr. William Li, who is a member of Sakara’s Science Council and is a renowned scientist and author. In this episode, we discuss his book, Eat To Beat Disease, and the connection between our plate and our body’s health. He outlines our 5 different defense systems and how we can eat strategically to make these as strong as possible. We also discuss some of our favorite superfoods (including coffee!) and the role they play in staving off cancer and ensuring optimal health.

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