Ep. 63 Uncovering Our Sexual Empowerment and Desires

I think that every human being comes into this world with their own unique sexual current - and that is connected to our pure essence. Learning what your current is, learning what your language is, is essential to living a fully empowered sexual life.


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In this episode, we are joined for a second time on the podcast by our dear friend, Hani Avital, who is also a clinical sexologist and certified sex coach. We discuss how each of us can uncover our sexuality and deepen our connection to ourselves (and partners) through establishing boundaries and listening to our inner desires. Hani also explains the importance of prioritizing our relationship to self and how exploring our own definition of sexual empowerment will truly help us unlock our sexual freedom. To end this juicy episode, Hani answers all of our Sakaralites burning questions around sex, desire, and how we can all tapp into our sexual current!

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