Ep. 64 Examining Our Food + Farming System

Healthy soil is really important to growing a good crop and every farmer knows that. It also has these huge environmental implications and a healthy soil is the fundamental step in a nutrient rich plant tha then brings nutrients into your body.


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In this episode, we sit down with country singer-turned-environmentalist, Dr. Liz Carlisle, who is also an Assistant Professor at UCSB and author of multiple books (including her latest, Healing Grounds). Throughout this episode, we discuss how soil is the foundation for the health of our ecosystem and nutritional value of food - and how we need to make changes to our farming practices for true change. We discuss all of the intricacies of the food and farming systems and how all of the inputs impact what winds up on our plate. Dr. Carlisle champions the notion that for true change - we need to reverence for the earth, the soil, and one another. We hope you find this episode as informative as we did and that it encourages you to more carefully consider the impacts of your choices when it comes to food and interacting with one another and the environment.

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