Ep. 65 Discovering What’s Untrue About Female Sexuality

Female sexuality is so tied into everything today - how much money we earn, the family structures that we live in, who our future political leaders will be. Female sexuality plays a role in all of that.


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Episode Description

In this special episode of The Sakara Life Podcast, we’re joined by two special guests, Dr. Wednesday Martin, #1 New York Times Bestselling author and feminist cultural critic and my husband, Damion to discuss her fascinating book, Untrue. Throughout this episode, we unpack all of the societal and cultural factors that have impacted our notions around sexuality and gender - particularly in relation to women. We also discuss how women have inherently been taught their sexuality is less than men and debate whether or not humans (but more specifically women), are meant to be in monogamous relationships. This conversation is so thought-provoking and will encourage you to consider your own experience within the notion of gender and social constructs - and how this inherently impacts our desires and sexual experiences.

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