Ep. 66 Sakara Sessions Presents: Boosting Our Immunity

We are eating in a way as a society that is virtually guaranteed to make us sick and to make us susceptible.


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Episode Description

In this special episode of The Sakara Life Podcast, we’re bringing you a live, recorded Sakara Session with renowned gastroenterologist, Dr. Robynne Chutkan, where our Sakaralites were able to tune in. In this fascinating episode, we primarily discuss Dr. Chutkan’s upcoming book, The Anti-Viral Gut, (releasing this fall) and how important it is to strategically eat to optimize our gut health and strengthen our immune system. Dr. Chutkan dives into the science behind why getting a diversity of plants is the #1 thing we can do to have a healthy gut - and how many Americans (95% to be exact!) aren’t getting their daily servings of vegetables. This conversation will encourage you to consider the connection between your food, gut, and your immune system and prioritize healthier habits for longevity.

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