Ep. 67 Sakara Sessions Presents: The Science Behind Optimal Metabolic + Hormone Health

Understand that metabolic health is not just your diet and your energy. I spend this, I eat this and that's my metabolism - there's so many different facets involved, that one of the biggest facets of metabolic health is gut health. And it is the engine of everything. When your digestive system is not working well, when the food you consume is not healthy and it's creating shifts in the gut bacteria, you're not going to have a good metabolic rate.


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In our first ever live Sakara Sessions recording of The Sakara Life Podcast, we sit down with Dr. Taz and our Atlanta Sakaralites to discuss all things metabolic health. Dr. Taz is an integrative medicine physician and founder of CentreSpring MD, who has dedicated her life to helping women take control of their health. Throughout this conversation, Dr. Taz explains the connection between our lifestyle choices and metabolic health - and how men and women’s metabolisms aren’t as different as we think! We also dive into the science behind aging and how we can strategically eat to prepare our bodies for shifts in our hormones that comes with aging. This conversation will encourage you to reflect on your current lifestyle habits and make healthier choices to ensure your metabolism (and hormone health) is functioning as optimally as possible.

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