Ep. 68 How Lifestyle Choices and Parasites Impact Our Gut Health

Nutrient density is probably the single most impOrtant factor when it comes to diet and how people feel on a day-to-day basis. The sad thing is that even those of us who are making better choices now, making better choices in terms of food, the nutrient density of food has just declined, somewhat precipitously since the 1900s. I've seen statistics on levels of magnesium, vitamin C, B vitamins, etc. in foods have just dropped like a rock because of changes in soil quality. And all food comes from soil. So if soil health is declining, then our nutrient quality in food is declining.


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Did you know that 60% of the calories Americans eat are from ultra-processed foods that disrupt our gut? In this episode, we sit down with NYT bestselling author and founder of Kresser Institute, Chris Kresser, to discuss how a majority of Americans’ lifestyle and nutritional choices are deeply impacting the health of their guts. Chris breaks down the role stress, sleep, and food plays in our overall health and how joy is a surprising factor that impacts our cellular biology. Chris also shares his inspiring personal health journey with us - one that started with a parasite infection and ultimately caused him to completely transform his life. He dives into the science behind parasitic infections and how we can all make choices to protect our body from harmful pathogens. Ultimately, this fascinating conversation will encourage you to reflect on your own personal lifestyle choices and make healthier changes - whether it’s eating more whole, nourishing foods or cultivating more joy in your daily life.

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