Ep. 69 Confronting Our Trauma and Restoring Inner Peace

Giving voice to that shame is a first step. Taking the shame away from the shame. Even using the word shame is so terrifying for people. The word alone has such a powerful, fearful energy behind it, but let's end that stigma now and shift the shame and know that what we don't shine light on, we can't heal. So, to be brave enough to look at it.


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We’re joined by one of our dear friends and bestselling author, Gabby Berinstein, to discuss her latest book, Happy Days. In this conversation, she candidly shares her own battle with addiction and explains how understanding her shame allowed her to heal herself from inner trauma. We also discuss how we can each begin this journey of self work and reclaim the way we respond to trauma in order to find inner enlightenment. This moving conversation will encourage you to reflect and connect to yourself in order to find safety and security.

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