Ep. 70 Eating to Foster a Healthy Microbiome and Combat the Effects of Long Covid

I want to empower people to take care of themselves, improve their health, overcome disease and illness -using the tools that they have available to them, and only going to doctors as a last resort. That's the only way we're really going to get a sustainable healthcare system.


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Today we’re digging into a fascinating topic that we have yet to cover on The Sakara Life Podcast: Long Covid and it’s effects on the body. We’re joined by the esteemed internist and author, Dr. Leo Galland, to discuss his latest research around covid and understand how our biology is directly correlated to our susceptibility to the virus and other diseases. He also breaks down the science behind the critical role our nutritional and lifestyle habits play in our overall health - all of which further proves that getting enough plants (and a diversity of them!) in our diets is critical to stave off disease. In a recent study that Dr. Galland sites during the episode, states that a control group eating “a low carbohydrate high protein diet, which had no added sugar but fewer vegetables and more red meat and poultry, had a risk of being sicker that was almost 4 times as high as people whose diet was described as plant based.” This episode serves as a great reminder that all of our choices around food, the relationships we have, our attitude, and more have the power to change our body on a cellular level and impact our health.

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