Ep. 72 Living (and Farming) with Intentionality + Reverence to Mother Earth

It’s such a huge mind shift to go from thinking that the path to achieving the results you're looking for come through restricting yourself of nutrients, and instead to be thinking about the way to get the results that you're looking for is by giving your body the nutrients that it needs in order for it to function at its best.


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In this special episode, our Senior Director, Procurement and R&D, Tyler Ranson, sits down with one of the acclaimed farmers behind the hit “Big Little Farms” documentary, Molly Chester, to discuss the connection between our plate and the health of our bodies and the earth. Molly shares her family’s unique approach to farming and how they operate from a place of intentionality when it comes to how they interact with their land and ecosystem. Tyler and Molly also discuss the importance of enjoying food thoughtfully and why it’s critical for each of us to understand how the current farming landscape is impacting everything from the health of the soil, our communities, economy, and more. Ultimately, this episode will encourage you to reflect on your food choices and seek to better understand how what we consume impacts everything around us.

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