Ep. 73 Healing the Future Generation of America Through Food

The school lunch only mimics what is happening in our country. Heart disease and diabetes has tripled since we were young children. And we all know it's preventable, and that diet and exercise and environment plays such a huge role.


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In this episode, we’re joined by Nancy Easton, Founder and Executive Director of Wellness in The Schools, and Sakara Science Council Advisor and WITS Board Member, Maya Feller, to discuss the important work we are all doing to help bring proper nutrition and education to the next generation. We discuss all of the complexities of our current food system and the history behind how we got here - from our relationships with farmers, the environments we live in, and the lack of access to nutritional food (especially in schools). This conversation is extremely eye opening around the systemic changes needed in order to make an impact on the health of our future generation and the quality of food that we all have access to. After hearing this episode, if you feel called to support WITS’ incredible mission, please head to the link below to learn more and donate: wellnessintheschools.org/donate

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