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At Sakara, we take dressings very seriously

Clients have been known to lick up every last drop of these legendary secret sauces in their delivery, which is why we're spreading the love next week with a hot pink summer treat. To ascend your own plant-rich plates to new heights, we're delivering a bottle of The Butterfly Bowl salad dressing if you sign up the week of August 16 for the Signature Sakara Nutrition program. It's a rosy-hued dressing packed with antioxidants and immune-boosting properties, courtesy of elderberry and yuzu. This dijon vinaigrette feels especially versatile for in-season produce; below, find three meal and snack ideas to enjoy for yourself. 



What You'll Need:  Sliced Watermelon ~ Heirloom Tomatoes ~ Toasted Cashews ~ Fresh Mint ~ Plant-Based "Cheeze" ~ Salt + Pepper

How to Assemble: Plate watermelon and tomato on a platter. Top with cashews, mint, "cheeze", salt and pepper. Drizzle Butterfly Bowl dressing and enjoy.




What You'll Need: Radishes ~ Kirby Cucumbers ~ Shishito Peppers, Blistered ~  Baby Summer Tomatoes ~ Carrots 

How to Assemble: Arrange a plate with your favorite summer veggies and slice all into small, bite-sized rounds and matchsticks. Use Butterfly Bowl dressing as a dip, or mix dressing in with your favorite plain hummus to enjoy. 




What You'll Need: Arugula ~ White Peaches ~ Sunflower Seeds ~ Plant-Based "Cheeze"

How to Assemble: Slice peaches and toss with arugula, sunflower seeds, and plant-based "feta." Drizzle with dressing and enjoy. 




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