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Team Sakara’s tips for adding an extra protein source to your meals.

Nutrition q’s on many people’s minds these days: Do you really get enough protein on a plant-rich diet? And—natural follow-up—What if you’re not eating meat?

The truth is you can get all you need (and more!) to stay lean, energized, and satisfied with Sakara’s plant-powered programs. 

Sakara is nutritionally designed to deliver optimal protein (which you can find in surprising places, like quinoa, hemp seeds, beans, nuts, leafy green kale and cauliflower). Unlike typical vegan diets, an average Sakara meal already has an apt amount of high-quality plant sources. (One day on Sakara has 18 different colors and over 70 different plant species so you can fill up on a full spectrum of supernutrients.)

But for those who are new to a plant-forward way of eating, are non-practicing vegans, or simply love to cook, there are plenty of healthful ways to ‘up’ the protein of your meal program for all diet types. Below, tips from Team Sakara for customizing your meals in ways that support a thriving mind, body and planet.


Vegetarian: For a true powerhouse of a meal, add tofu, tempeh seitan, edamame, lentils, beans, hemp seeds or spirulina to a salad or pad-thai. If you’re on the go, add a boost of Protein + Greens Super Powder, which Sakara Copywriter Tessa Kauppila adds to a plant-powered smoothie alongside her Sakara breakfast.


Pescatarian: Add wild-caught fish like salmon or mahi-mahi to a leafy green salad, or serve salad as a side when eating with friends or family. It’s important to understand how and where you’re getting your protein sources; make sure to choose local, organic and sustainable fish whenever possible. The cleaner the food source, the better it can transmute the nutrients. Sakara’s Chief Brand Officer Rebecca Angus-Smith pulls single-serve filets down from the fridge in the morning for a quick, dinner-ready addition.


Flexitarian: Grass-fed beef, organic chicken, and pasture-raised eggs make for great supplements to Sakara meals, too. Focus on getting the highest-quality meat at a local farmer’s market or grocer possible. Hilary Reid, Manager of Copy and Content, adds two hard or soft boiled eggs as a side when she’s looking for an additional protein source.


Snacking: To keep your Sakara Life going outside of our meal programs, or for an added boost of protein on-the-go, reach for our Protein Super Bars for satiation support or our Classic Superfood Granola for a fulfilling start to the day or afternoon snack.


Happy nourishing, Sakaralites.

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