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In Nightcap, we're going behind the scenes to uncover beloved night time rituals of some of our favorite women for relaxing sleep, beautiful dreams and a following day filled with crazy love + positive energy.


Model, mama and health + wellness coach, Melissa Wood Tepperberg, knows a thing or two about nurturing the bod from the inside out. She even has her baby son hooked on green juice and raw veggies. We went behind the scenes and under the covers to find out how this natural beauty unwinds from the day and preps for a blissful night's sleep, always with her babe attached to her hip.


Let's start with food. What’s on your dinner plate?

I’m 100% plant-based, so it’s usually a ton of vegetables with beans or grains. I start with a raw salad to help optimize digestion followed by a cooked meal after. My favorite meal is either a 10 vegetable quinoa stir-fry with sea salt and sesame oil or brown rice pesto pasta loaded with veggies. The key with eating grains is to balance them out with more vegetables than pasta, and this really helps aid digestion.


Things you do to unwind from the day? 

I have a cup of warm water with lemon or a cup of delicious chocolate macaroon tea from DAVIDsTEA. I usually take a steam shower to unwind, but the ultimate relaxation for me is meditation followed by a great book such as A Return To Love or The China Study

Secrets to setting a great bedtime mood? 

Essential oils! Especially Sacred Mountain Essential Oil from Young Living which helps me feel really grounded. I turn off all electronics about 45 minutes before bed and lower the lights and close all the blinds.

Night time beauty routine? 

I start by getting my son ready for bed. Often times we take a shower together so once he’s in bed and asleep, I'm already halfway finished with most of my nighttime regimen. My beauty routine changes quite frequently because I’m a product junkie and love trying out new brands. I start by washing my face with Tracie Martyn Alma Purifying Cleanser. I wash my face with warm water and a super soft washcloth. I’m very gentle with my skin because it's extremely sensitive. I then use Kopari's Coconut Sheer Oil to remove my eye makeup and tap under the eye. I then apply the Tracie Martyn Face Resculpting Cream for moisturizer or the Goop Enriching Face Oil all over my face and neck. If I'm starting to breakout, I’ll use the Lerosett Acne Clay Treatment and then apply the Biologique Lotion P50 before moisturizer or oil. I’ve learned that less can be more, so when my skin is in good condition a cleanser and moisturizer usually does the trick! And always, always eye cream! I use cocokind Eye Firming Oil for day and MBR Eye Cream Smooth for night. New obsession! cocokind Full Brow Balm to naturally thicken your brows.


Face mask or sheet mask? 

Both! I'm obsessed with trying amazing products, but right now I love the cocokind Organic Sea Moss Exfoliator mask.


Bedtime snack cravings?

I don’t crave snacks in the same way I used to because now I eat really filling and satisfying meals. If I go for anything, it's usually chickpea or bean chips. I love sea salt and definitely choose salty over sweet, but if I do have a sweets craving I always keep a HU Simple Chocolate Bar in my cupboard just in case. 


Bath or shower?

Definitely a steam shower. We put one in because we love it so much. I do love a Lavender Epsom salt bath. And I'm obsessed with my free and clear shampoo. Sometimes I mix a little baking soda in to give me more volume. I barely use conditioner.


Sleep attire?

T-shirt and little shorts by Brandy Melville.


Thread count?

Egyptian 1,000 thread count sheets are pure heaven, and in white of course! 


Products that you can't go to sleep without applying? 

Kopari Coconut Balm for my hands, Epicuren Lip Balm, EYE CREAM (so important!), brow balm and a light face oil or moisturizer.


Top 4 things you must do before you go to sleep at night?

  1. Read my son a book
  2. Kiss him so many times, it’s annoying
  3. Say goodnight to my husband Noah
  4. Pray for peace.


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