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Our guidelines for being social and eating clean. (Hint: balance is key.)

“Can I still go out while enjoying Sakara meals?” and,”How can I be social while eating clean? are questions we get asked a lot. Enter: Eat Clean, Play Dirty, our mantra for celebrating a love affair with holistic health while enjoying life’s pleasures.

"While we nourish deeply by treating food as medicine, we don’t have a 'no' list. Nothing is off limits and there’s no “wagon” to fall off of,” says Sakara Founder & Co-CEO Danielle Duboise. In other words? For us, a well-lived life means nourishing one that feels true to our health and joy—including meals out with friends (or solo!) when we’re in the mood.

So, how might this philosophy play out in real-life weekend plans? We’re sharing expert  insights from our in-house nutritionist Colleen Coffey.

Ground Your Schedule In Your Wellness Goals 
Think: How do I want to feel this month, tonight, and beyond? Grounding yourself in weekly and seasonal wellness goals nourishes inner clarity and outer confidence. So when you look at your calendar and nourishment as a whole, it’s even easier to decide which events you really want to prioritize, and which you can skip or shift. 

Be Intentional with Your Decision to Go Out 
It’s Friday night, you’ve just finished a week on Sakara, and you feel like being social. You hold the power in your hands to make a decision to go out. Your body is likely giving you subtle cues one way or the other. Sometimes social situations can be really uplifting and beneficial, and other times? Not so much. “Tune in and see if it feels forced,” advises Colleen. “If it will be good for you on an emotional and spiritual level, then go in with intention.”

Order Like a (Nourishment) Pro
No matter the setting, eat in tune with how well you’re nourishing on Sakara at home. Remember: Plant-forward meals provide essential nutrients that fuel the body and satiate hunger. (And FYI if you’re drinking: urges to late-night snack are often a response to not nourishing properly during the day—so filling up on the right stuff has two-fold benefits.) 

Drink Mindfully
Our Eat Clean, Play Dirty philosophy is all about balance—including the idea that the choice to imbibe doesn’t have to be all or nothing. So take a moment to tune into yourself. Recognize when that glass of wine brings joy and when it doesn't. (And stop when it stops feeling good.) Hydrate with a glass of water—and perhaps a few Detox Water Drops—between drinks.

Prep for Next-Day Success
After an eventful night you may be craving greasy or super-savory foods. Keep health-promoting, plant ingredients on-hand so you're prepared to restore balance to the body—and your palate—starting with your next meal. Rehydrate with a glass of water (or more!) with Beauty Water Drops, which contain an array of essential ionic minerals to bolster your system; these also work wonders to alleviate the physical effects of a hangover. 

Pro tip: get outside and go for a walk after breakfast. Fresh air has plentiful benefits on the mind and body. 

Share the Joy of Sakara
Eating clean is more fun with friends (and can spark as much joy as a night out!). Host a Sakara-featured dinner party and ask guests to bring a plant-forward side or natural beverage, then share a bit about their origins and benefits before sitting down to feast. 

Rather than creating restrictions about what you “can” eat or “shouldn’t” drink when not nourishing with Sakara, focus on loving and building a body you feel good listening to—enjoying the abundance of the beautiful nutrients it requires, and the life that its carrying you through. 

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