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A typical day in Adam Kenworthy's life involves a morning run, several trips to local markets and grocery stores, several hours in the kitchen cooking for clients, cuddles with his pup, private dinner parties, and swimming some laps if he can squeeze them in. He maneuvers these crazy NYC streets, careers, relationships, and parties with a gracefulness we've only ever experienced in St. Barths, toes in the sand, pina colada in hand. As ladies who are always chasing our one true love (balance), we needed to know how Adam stays so grounded in such a hectic world.


Here are his 7 secrets:



"Swimming and jogging is the best meditation because I’m such a mover. Those things are a prolonged meditation for me. Especially when I’m in the pool, I get into a rhythm with my breath because it’s really exact and forced. It’s repetitive, so I’ll just get in that zone where I’m not overthinking and it’s more of just counting laps. Sometimes, I’ll do up to 150 laps that’ll take me a little over an hour or so. For that hour, I’m counting one, two, three… all the laps. My focus is on that, and when I make my turn, I know what number I’m at. Then if my mind wanders, I’ll bring myself back to, 'Okay what lap am I at? 67… Okay...' And I’ll go from there."





"It's the little things like biking everywhere, and swimming, really help ground me. Just exercise in general, and sweating every day, is important for me. It’s taught me a big lesson: just be more patient and compassionate towards yourself. In New York, we can be so forced to exceed expectations. We’re forced, because the rent is so high and we have bills to pay, and it’s like, 'I’m not just going to have to do pretty good, I’m going to have to do great.' But all the while, it's important to have fun and try to keep a lighter attitude. Morning runs on the Hudson at the top for me. I run all the way down to the tip of Manhattan. There’s a section down by Battery Park where it gets really cool with the trees and wood pathways. I love to do that in the morning. It gives me a really good perspective for the day."





"I love to go to Central Park, and hang out in secret spots to unwind. And I love Ayre Ancient Baths. I love that place. The vibe in there is great, and they limit it to a certain amount of people per session, so it never gets overcrowded. And their price point is so good for all the benefits you’re reaping."





"I like to be surrounded by positive people that want me to do the best that I can and I want the same for them as well. We need to be easier on ourselves. Like when you’re a vegan, or an athlete, you can be very strict on yourself with rules. Versus flipping out over not doing everything you wanted to get done, just stay compassionate and positive and surround yourself with people that inspire you to be on a higher level. I promise, it’ll make life so much easier. That also goes with times when you’re not feeling well… Learn to be cool with that as well. Be patient when you feel shitty, and don't be fake about it."





"For me, cooking is such a stress-reliever and a simple practice. When I have my sharp knives in hand, I'm not thinking about anything else. I’ve always considered myself to be an artist, and food is my art. The best gift I can give someone is something that’s going to help heal them. I don’t always consciously think like that when I’m cooking, but that’s always the underlying thing."





"I take lots of pictures, so I can give those as gifts too. If I go to an event or travel, I always like to give people pictures from there. I think of making people food in just the same way. It’s a lot like those Buddhist sand mandalas that take so much time to create, and then, they’re just gone. That’s a much more beautiful way of trying to do something for someone. It’s temporary art, and is helping someone shift their mindset. This is what makes cooking really fun for me."








Fresh Organic Turmeric Root 3 oz

Fresh Organic Ginger root 6 oz

Cardamom (pinch)

Pink Himalayan salt (pinch)

Cayenne Pepper (pinch)

Maple Syrup (1 Tbsp)

Lemon (half of a lemon add more if desired)

Spring or Filtered water


Directions (1 liter batch)


You will need a juicer for this. If you dont already have one, treat your self!!!! To begin select a small handful of turmeric, toss it in the juicer. Next for the ginger either put an equal amount of ginger or if you prefer less spicy add half the amount. Once you have the turmeric and Ginger juiced which will end up being a small amount of liquid add 1 fresh squeezed lemon to the juice pitcher. I like to add some of the spices into the mix prior to botteling. You will notice that when you do poor the mix into a bottle some of the spices will stick to the bottom of the juice pitcher. To prevent this stir well prior to pouring into the bottle. Once the brew is added to the bottle of your choice top off with your water source. Leave a little room to add more ingredients. Next comes the maple syrup. Other options for sweeteners include honey, stevia, coconut nectar and coconut sugar. Add in cayenne, salt and cardamom if more is needed. A pinch of each goes a long way. As I have learned it is always best to start with little and add in more as needed. This will allow you to develop your taste buds and become a top mixologist of your own. Optional addition at the end is fresh mint leaves. Salud !

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