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Sakaralite, mother, creative consultant, and real-life Metabolism Super Bar lover, Rana Batyske, has a beautiful perspective on summer. While the season can skew a little bacchanalian, she’s bringing to it a deep sense of consciousness—whether it’s how she’s nourishing herself, who she’s letting in her orbit, or the beauty rituals that are keep her grounded. On the set of our metabolism bar shoot, we chatted healthful meal ideas, beach bag essentials, sacred summer memories, and human design. We hope you feel inspired to soak up the playfulness and sensuality of summer, for yourself. 



Astro chart: Capricorn sun, Taurus moon, Leo rising. I’m a 1/17 Capricorn—the most lit day of any Cap. The day is shared with Michelle Obama, Muhammad Ali, Jim Carrey, Betty White, and Eartha Kitt, just to name a few. 


Day job: Creative Producer + Consultant, occasional model, and currently establishing Mothergood: a motherhood concept at the intersection of wellness and identity. 


Your summer spirit: According to human design, I am a generator, so the theme will be to do all things that light me up the most. That’s that on that. 


How does summer make you feel? Just before Covid hit the world on a global level, I was in St. James, Jamaica, visiting my father. During visualization meditations, I often revisit doing breathwork in my dad’s garden, in which I’m surrounded by coconut and banana trees. I miss the smells of the sea and the melodic sound of falling asleep to waves crashing. The local farmer pulling up to the villa with a van full of fresh fruits and veggies that his cook would prepare for us. Summer feels like the life he’s created there; one of connectedness and pleasure. 


Summer soundtrack: 

“Self Help Tape”—Moses Sumney

“Into the Wave”—Adam Ratner 

“Dear Summer”—Jay-Z


Go-to meal? I’m really into jackfruit tacos at the moment. Add a fresh juice or a jalapeño margarita and I need nothing more!


Your snack of choice? After the last fifteen months, personally, I don’t feel like I can relax when it comes to what I consume. As much as I may miss restaurants or ordering out, the dietary choices I make at home feels like the healthiest option. So, I pack a Metabolism Super Bar in my tote on my daily outings, and it nourishingly and energetically supports me until I return home. 


Beauty rituals + practices? This season, just add water! I hydrate internally and externally by drinking more water and carrying a travel-sized can of thermal spring water for a spritz. I also add more exfoliating and apply sunscreen daily. The most consistent part of my routine includes—without question—the Detox Water Drops, Metabolism Super Bar, and the signature meal delivery, of course!


Your most treasured summer memory? The day I met my son (Myles, age 5) for the first time. As soon as I held him, he latched right away, and I was awestruck. It was the most beautiful introduction to my next phase in life.




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