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While it can often feel as if everything is out of our control, we like to focus on the forces we do command. We have the capacity to fill our days with insightful, positive voices, healing breath, and food that helps balance our immunity and nourish our senses.

Which brings us to cravings. While some simply ignore or deprive these desires, we embrace them as another way to listen to your body and feed your spirit instead of your fears. There is room for everything on our plate. The recipes below are easy-to-make responses to the signals we receive each day. From the early morning to the wee hours of the night, accept these as acts of kindness that fuel a healthy body, a thriving brain, and a very satisfied soul.

I Need A Breakfast To Tempt Me Out of Bed
A dish with dreamy layers of banana, cacao, coconut, and almond butter can make getting out of bed a little bit easier. A topping of our Sakara Classic Superfood Granola gives a little energizing crunch (and metabolism support, care of the medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil). 

Coconut Cacao Crunch Parfait 

I Want Something I Can Eat At My Desk All Week
Beyond the squash, this dish hits you with ample flavor courtesy of basil and red pepper flakes, a dash of omega-3 fats from hemp seeds, and chlorophyll-rich kale. An ideal thing to make once and feast on all week, whether you are at the table, the sofa, or the desk.

Margherita Spaghetti Squash with Classic Kale Salad

I’d Love A Feel-Good Snack For My Video Cocktail Hour
Avocados are hard to beat with their creamy texture and healthy fat content. This version of the iconic dip comes from the kitchen of one of our favorite jewelry designers, who definitely brings a healthy dose of heat.

Jennifer Fisher’s Guacamole

I Want To Transport Myself to Happier, Sunnier Days
This bowl, a healing menagerie of plants, captures the bright, positive energy of the sun. Macro bowls are intrinsically flexible, so think of this recipe as a guide, not a rule. Use what you like (or have) right now to create something that lights you up at the moment.

Summer Probiotic Macro Bowl

I Want Something Other Than Water To Hydrate
We always say eat your water for ultimate hydration—which is key for relieving bloat and puffiness and replenishing dull skin. Honeydew, cantaloupe, and cucumber are high in water content and fiber. Plus, mint is internally cooling and will naturally stimulate digestive enzymes, which help you better absorb nutrients and provide anti-inflammatory qualities during digestion.

Cantaloupe, Citrus, and Mint Salad 

I Feel The Need To Lose Myself In Baking
No matter which flavor you choose (Chocolate, Mint Chip, or Panna Cotta), making these tarts is as therapeutic as eating them. They’re more time-consuming than difficult so consider the hours spent chopping, stirring, and baking your self-care for the day.

Cream Tarts, Three Ways

I Want A Drink With A Self-Care Garnish
This fruity fizz made from dark cherries, fresh mint, sparkling rosé, and Beauty Water Drops is the ultimate detox/retox in a glass. With free-radical-fighting anthocyanins from cherries, digestion support from mint, and 72 ionic minerals from the Drops to hydrate the cells and brighten the skin, it’s an elixir with full-body benefits. Serve in your favorite glass and remember to toast to your complexion.  

Cherry Crush Cocktail

I Have To Have Chocolate But Not Sabotage My Stomach
There are times that only chocolate will do, but you may not want to derail your healthy habits or spike your blood sugar. Here, a cacao-rich powder is blended with creamy avocado and maple syrup for a healthy dose of fat and functional plant ingredients to cure your sweet/spicy craving while kindling your digestive fire.

Fired-Up Chocolate Mousse 




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